Oct 8, 2009

How To: Setting up mobile blogging on iPhone for BlogSpot

I realized a bunch of people dont know how to setup mobile blogging (MMS/SMS) for the iPhone.  So here is a short step by step.

Prequisites: iPhone must be updated to OS 3.1, use iTunes to make sure you have your phone completely updated.

Step 1: Go to http://www.blogger.com/mobile-start.g and follow the instructions for setting up MMS.  You DO NOT need to follow the instructions for setting up SMS.

Step 2: Once you have setup your mobile MMS account for blogger, and linked it to your blog, go to your iPhone's 'Settings' app.

Step 3:   In the Settings, navigate to the 'Messages' option

Step 4: Turn the 'Show Subject Field' on.  The subject will show up as the title of your blog post.

Step 5: Try it out!  Just open up your sms/mms area on your iphone and send an sms/mms message to go@blogger.com

You should receive a txt message from postgateway@blogger.com confirming they received your message.

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  1. You can also use your email on your phone. I used it to post the pic of our new couch. You go into the settings on your blog and it gives you an email address that allows you to send emails directly as a post. This email address uses your name for your blogger account, it has you create an email that is johndoe.xxxxxx@blogger.com. You fill in something for the xxxx part as a security feature of sorts. You can set it to post automatically or you can have it go in as a draft post and post it at a later time. I'll have to try to text message method.